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5 Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Analytics 2023

5 Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Analytics 2023

5 Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Analytics 2023

The professional world of data analytics and data science is rapidly growing. Businesses are caring more about their data and what it can do for them. Because of this, the demand for data analyst professionals is ever increasing. The job market for these professionals is very good and growing, and salaries in this sector are increasing as well.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a science and field of study that deals with the analysis of raw data to get better insights and information. Data is considered to be any type of information that is generated by a user or an organization, This data could be your client's details, your websites data or product sales. For example, data can be gathered from financial transactions, a person's daily activities, or even the weather.

What do I need to become a Data Analyst?

Data Analysts are one of the most important and sought-after positions in a company. Data Analysts use data to provide insights to drive innovation for a business and process improvements across the organization. Data Analysts are generally educated in various areas such as maths, programming, statistics, economics, finance or computer science.

TExcel, Phyton, Tableau, SQL and more. There are some self-learned data analysts but we highly recommend getting at least a bachelors degree to have a good foundation in the area.

What Data Analyst Skills are in Demand?

According to Coursera these are the most in-demand skills for Data Analyst positions.

Coursera and Google have collaborated to create a Data Analytics course to help people upskill in the area due to the demand for it in the workforce. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

Google Data Analytics Course

1. Data Analyst have great Job Opportunities

There are so many opportunities for data analysts because there is a shortage of people qualified in data analytics and data science sector. There is a huge demand as more businesses start building a data strategy and focus more on growing their business with data. So there are opportunities for data professionals in almost every business sector.

2. Data Analysts make a good Salary

Because of the demand for data analysts, there is a shortage of people to fill roles and because of this, businesses are paying very well. Businesses are seeing the importance of how data can help them in making more informed data drivendecisions and are they are willing to pay for this. This is why data analysts are one of the highest paying digital jobs in 2021.

3. Data Analytics is important for every Business

A report by McKinsey Global Institute indicates that by 2025, the US economy will be $16 trillion smaller than it is today, due to machines taking over a significant number of human jobs. Additionally, McKinsey predicts that for every ten jobs created through automation, two additional jobs will be lost. Rather than be concerned about the rise of machines, experts are looking at the potential for new jobs to be created, and how data is going to be the major driver behind this transformation.

A data-driven analytic strategy is no longer a luxury, it is an indispensable tool for any business. The basic idea is simple: gather data and make sense of it - that's it. This simple idea is what made the modern data analyst possible.

4. You Become a Decision Maker

Businesses use data to make very important decisions within their business and because they need you to help them gather the data and make sense of it. You become a very important role in decision making in any organisation.

5. Data Analytics Can Be a Great Way to Develop Transferable Skills

Skills like Phyton can also be very useful in video game development and web design. While Data Visualisation and analytical skills arevery useful in the digital marketing sector.  Becoming a data analyst will give you many opportunities in many other job roles.

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5 Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Analytics 2023
David Fitzpatrick
David, the founder of Clear Strategy, is a leading business and technology professional with over 20 years' experience in Data and Analytics.
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