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We are Clear Strategy

Clear Strategy is a data and analytics consultancy team who place high importance on trust and doing the right thing. We take a holistic view.  That means that while other consultants will sell a product, we start by understanding the customer’s business. We take a long-term value creation perspective. We recognise that organisations may not initially understand how all-encompassing data is. We partner with clients to understand their organisation, data culture and operational challenges. Having identified the business issue, we move at the right pace for our customer.

What We Do

We help our customers establish a data culture, building confidence through incremental gains. We help join the organisation together across all functions, business lines and reporting outputs. We help our customers see their entire organisation and to manage it differently from a position of powerful insight.

We ensure data is fully embedded in your business and that your Users are properly equipped to use it and lead with data. Our services include Data Strategy, Data Architecture and Implementation, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, Data Visualisation, Training, Data Literacy and more.

Why is this Important For Your Business?

It is forecasted there will be a ten-fold increase in worldwide data by 2025, so the potential and opportunities for data are greater now than ever. Yet for many organisations, the ability to “think data” is still a significant challenge. Numerous research studies have shown that the more data-driven organisations are, the better their results will be.

“By the end of 2021, 80% of organisations will have started to roll out internal data literacy initiatives to upskill their workforce”
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