David Fitzpatrick

David Fitzpatrick

David, the founder of Clear Strategy, is a leading business and technology professional with over 20 years' experience in Data and Analytics. Throughout his career, David has worked with many leading companies, across multiple industries in Ireland and the UK, helping them define their Data and Information strategies and gain maximum return from their resources and investments. With his very strong commercial focus, David has helped shape and drive innovative solutions to meet, and exceed, customers' needs.

David has led many large Bl Cloud-migration projects, assisting organisations as they advance from "traditional Data Warehousing" to the new world of Cloud, Big Data, Open Data and loT and is considered an expert in his field.

David holds a BSc. in Business and IT and is also a graduate from the internationally recognised Chartered Director Program through the Institute of Directors.

Julie Collison

Julie Collison

Julie is a highly experienced senior Data and Analytics expert who joined Clear Strategy in 2018. She has a very successful career track record and is a former Head of Management Information for Vodafone Ireland and Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics for Three Mobile Ireland. She also has several years' Consulting experience.

Julie has worked in many industries, particularly Financial Services, Telcos and Utilities. She has significant experience in Programme Management, Business Process Improvement, Data Governance and Data Strategy and was the lead for a number of Digital Strategies for large organisations over the last three years.

Amongst other qualifications, Julie holds a Bachelor of Financial Services, an MBA and in 2019 was awarded the Chartered Banker designation, the most prestigious and internationally recognised professional qualification in financial services across the globe. She is currently studying for a Professional Diploma in Data & Analytics.

Our Story

Everyone is passionate about something. At Clear Strategy, our passion is Data. Why? There are so many reasons! The endless exciting opportunities it brings, the constant fast pace of advancement, the ability to explore curiosity and turn it into tangible, highly valuable business results, to name but a few.

Our early careers were spent in a range of industries and organisations and during this time, one thing we consistently observed was that while there is an abundance of vendors offering good technical data solutions and equally strong offerings for training and business engagement, no-one was offering a complete end-to-end service for Data. We want to change that.

Your data is only as effective as the people using it. Whilst Data and Analytics tooling and technology is possibly advancing more rapidly than any other technology field today, no matter how much you invest in technology, without the right people and the right culture, you will never maximise the true value of your data. When the culture is right the results will follow.

How do we do it? It's quite simple - we start with the Business and we end with the Business. Using 20 years+ experience and our tried and tested Data frameworks and methodologies, we work with our customers to craft business-driven solutions and see them through to effective user adoption.

We're not a company for whom data is ‘one arm of many services', we are 100% dedicated to Data and Analytics. Our team are not just technical. We have vast business experience, both strategic and operational. And an important part of our recruitment process is that the members of our team have worked in Industry. So we have been the Customer. We've 'walked in your shoes' and we understand your challenges.

You, our customers, are at the core of everything Clear Strategy does. We will never to be too big to do the small things that matter. And we let our customers praise our virtues via our 'Customer Success Index', which is Clear Strategy's core KPI.

Our Goal? To be recognised as the Number 1 Data company.. and we won't stop until we get there!

Our Team

Our expert team of Consultants have vast experience in a wide range of areas. On the technical side, this includes Data Architecture, Data Modelling and Design, Database Development, Reporting,Visualisation, Advances Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation and much more.

We also have a wealth of Business experience in areas such as Data and Information Strategy formulation, Customer Segmentation, Customer Value Management, Data Education and Training including Data Literacy and building a strong Data Culture.

Data is only as effective as the people using it and we hire great people - to help you maximise the value of your data.

We are Proud of

Our Customer Successes

In Clear Strategy we don’t just say we are Customer Obsessed, everything we do is to deliver value early and consistently. The proof is in our Customer Success Index.

Our client-centric approach has made us the trusted partner of many businesses across Ireland. As a truly value-based, committed organisation, we believe that our customers’ success is our success.

So confident are we in our ability to deliver and in our reputation, that we use our Customer Success Index as our core KPI to promote our business.

How satisfied are you with the overall delivery?
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How likely are you to recommend Clear Strategy?
** Customer Satisfaction Index scores are assessed with our customers after each engagement.

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